Technology is changing the world. To succeed in new and established sectors, people need new skills. However, the digital skills gap exists, and everyone should be able to fill it.

The Google Developer Scholarship Challenge, in partnership with Udacity, has given numerous scholarships to budding developers across Europe since 2016. The scholarship program assists them in finding work or starting their own business. This scholarship program is part of Grow With Google’s ongoing commitment to equipping people with digital skills that let them succeed in the digital economy.

We talked to some experts about the impact of Google and Udacity Nanodegree on their lives and the new opportunities they found.

What is a Nanodegree?

The fundamental question is: What exactly a nano degree is? With a nanodegree, you will be able to learn, take assessments, and get certifications. Nanodegrees last six months to 1 year and are not equivalent to traditional Bachelor’s or Masters’s degrees. Instead, a nano degree allows you to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in your field, improve your skills, and complete assessments.

The backstory of Nanodegree Program

Udacity can be described as the equivalent of a nanodegree. The Stanford computer science classes inspired the creation of the entire company. The current focus is on sub-disciplines. If Data Sciences or Machine Learning interests you, a nanodegree might be right for you. Sebastian Thrun, the founder of Udacity, decided to focus the company on professional classes. As a result, Udacity developed a nanodegree program in 2014 to train future employees.

Who can apply for the nanodegrees program?

Udacity’s Nanodegree Programs are open to all. Anyone interested in joining the program and willing to work the required hours is eligible to apply. Three levels of degrees are available: Intermediate, Advanced, and Beginner. This will allow you to decide where to focus your efforts. Nanodegrees do not replace traditional degrees.

What is the value of a Nanodegree?

Bcoder offers popular programs in Nanodegree, such as Introduction to Programming or Android App Development. A business analytics course including SQL and data dashboards. Machine Learning and Blockchain Management are some of the most sought-after courses. Imagine learning skills-based modules along with systemic university coursework. You get the best of both worlds. 

Through case studies, experiments, and projects, you will learn valuable skills that will help improve your market demand. This is done using a fine-toothed toothbrush, which you will use in your real life as an engineer. Even an old dog can learn and acknowledge tricks through code review. A professional with this level of specialization can be more sought after by the market. This also allows you to get an overview of the industry. This program can be used as a sampler before you decide on a career.

Traditional degrees and nanodegrees: How They are Different

When comparing nanodegrees with traditional degrees, we approach them from both the learner’s and the job seeker’s perspectives. Nanodegrees won’t replace conventional degrees because every profession has high expectations. This might be possible in the future, but for now, they are sufficient to be used as samplers or to specialize in areas requiring a minimum qualification. 

A few nanodegrees are equivalent to a postgraduate degree. Various Nanodegree students discussed how it functions as a bridge for people seeking mobility. Business graduates could earn a degree in data science, making them better candidates to manage a company. 

Moreover, potential managers review the company’s policies on evaluating nanodegrees. Startups are more flexible than traditional businesses but may have stricter policies. Nanodegree can be a great way to boost your resume, but it could also put you at risk if you try to replace traditional qualifications. Many educators from the past believe nanodegrees can be disruptive. This type of focus learning may lead to a more narrow application in the real world. 

These possibilities are being explored by students even before they graduate. Interoperability will be a crucial element of collaboration between universities, edtech firms, and other educational institutions. This can improve the quality and relevance of nanodegrees and create an ecosystem in which they complement one another.

Nanodegrees make us all a learner

Learning and living go hand in hand.

Nanodegrees are a great way to combine passions and meet industry needs. These programs could soon be extended to other fields. Instead, it allows us to avoid stagnation and helps us expand our portfolios. 

Is it worth it?

It all depends on your financial situation, budget, and program cost. Nanodegrees are much less expensive than university programs. They are, therefore, more affordable for the right learner.

Nanodegree courses have a lot to offer in terms of brand recognition. In addition, these Nanodegree courses will add value to your resume. This course shows that you are dedicated and have completed the program. It’s not enough to sleep through the program.

If you are serious about technology and desire the best, Nanodegree might be the right option. You will need to put in a lot of effort, just like all courses. 

Nanodegree Course Benefits

Nanodegrees have been gaining a lot of attention due to their many benefits. If you’re unsure whether to pursue one, you’ve come to the right place.

Tech giants like AT&T, Facebook, and Google positively view these programs.

Nanodegrees are different from your regular academic courses. You won’t be lectured on boring subjects or given an outdated curriculum. Instead, you’ll learn practical skills to help you get through.

  • It is possible to change your career

Nanodegrees are an excellent option for individuals who want to change careers or work in technology. This includes fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Data Analytics, and Engineering.

A nanodegree is a great way to achieve your goals, whether you’re already working in tech, want to change, or get started in this field. This will enable you to make your passion for technology a career.

  • They are quick and easy to do

The Nanodegree program can be completed in six months or less, depending on its name. Also, they are much shorter than Bachelor’s degrees, which can take up to six years. These degrees are not meant to replace traditional university degrees.

  • Effective Teaching Methods

Nanodegrees are different than regular lectures and seminars. To quickly improve your knowledge, it focuses on the latest teaching and presentation methods. These techniques can be applied in real-world situations and form the essential aspects of a nanodegree.

  • Experiments
  • Case studies
  • Projects
  • Get advice from industry professionals.

You will be taught by some of the most respected names in the industry! These professionals are skilled and highly experienced in their respective fields.

Learn how to use your skills at work and the opportunities that await you.

  • No long-term student debt

Nanodegrees are much cheaper than full-time Master’s degree student loans. So even though it’s more expensive initially, you will have a manageable student debt.

  • Reduce stress from studying

It is convenient to study whenever and wherever you want—finding a flexible and informative education method while balancing a full-time job and other obligations is essential.

If you’re looking for a more effortless learning experience but with valuable career skills, a nanodegree could be a good option.

  • Anyone Can Join

Access to Nanodegrees is possible for professionals looking for technical training. They help professionals stand out and keep up with industry standards. You can choose between a beginner, intermediate, or advanced nanodegree student.

Why is Nanodegree Valuable?

Here are four reasons why Nanodegree programs are valuable

  1. Skills
  2. Community
  3. Credential
  4. Employment


Nearly all companies value capability. Companies place different importance on this fit. To move up and down the ladder, you need skills. We believe in mastering skills.


When it comes to your career success, it is essential that you feel connected with others. Your professional development will depend on your involvement in the relevant communities. Every step of a Nanodegree program is made possible by the support of members of the community.


Your Nanodegree credential will be the last affirmation of your achievement. It is proof of your success. Your credential is only as valuable as the career opportunities it opens up for you.


If Bcoder is your learning partner, and your goal is to achieve career advancement, then our commitments to you will be fulfilled. We will help you find the job of your dreams after you graduate.

Use cases for Nanodegree Program

These are just a few reasons to consider enrolling in the Nanodegree Program. They can be arranged according to your skill or experience level.


Although you don’t consider yourself a “techie,” you know that your programming skills are limited and that you cannot code. You must acquire new skills to succeed in today’s job market. Even if you’re not thinking about a career yet, your first Nanodegree program qualifies you.


You may have technical skills and be skilled in them, but this is different from the path you want to take in your career. You might be trying to find your first job in the field you’re interested in. You may be looking for a lateral position in an area that provides the career opportunity you desire. You will need to acquire new skills or refresh existing ones to reach your goals. For all these reasons, you must pick the Nanodegree course. 


You’re ready to become more than just a skilled worker. You’re prepared to acquire the most advanced skills and be competitive for top positions in the most innovative companies. This will enable you to deliver real value right away. So, learn the skills and techniques used by the most innovative technology companies worldwide.

Tech vs. In Tech:

Today, there is a critical difference between technical skills and working as a techie. The skills you acquire in Nanodegree programs will enable you to work in any industry. This isn’t just for tech. A Nanodegree program will teach you how to bring value to others.

  • Businesses with web properties must be kept up-to-date.
  • Companies that need to build, maintain, and update their android basic apps.
  • Companies that produce data must be analyzed and turned into strategic, actionable information.
  • Companies can use advanced algorithms to automate certain aspects of their operations. These algorithms can be easily trained to increase efficiency.

To conclude!

The nanodegree course is an excellent addition. It is one of many programs that offer a job guarantee. However, this program is more expensive and requires a longer application process.

You can have the most of this course for your skill and career development. If you have any other queries regarding the Nanodegree program offered by Bcoder, contact us anytime. We will help you sort out all your queries.