The entertainment & media industry is going beyond our expectations. Today, we no longer need to switch from one channel to another with the onset of digitization and deriving forces like OTT platforms. 

What’s more? 

The technologies like virtual reality, Metaverse, and augmented reality have shifted our focus to an enhanced real-world experience.

So, don’t you think that learning about these trending technologies that will shape the digitized force in the entertainment & media industry is a nice approach?

Definitely, it is!

And guess what?

Here is a full-fledged article on entertainment & media app development trends. If you are learning an advance Android app development course, this article is undoubtedly an aid. 

What are you waiting for?

Get a complete insight into the trends today to develop a better future not only for you but also for your digitized audience worldwide. 

Tech Trends Giving a New Height to Entertainment & Media App Development 

Now, let’s move to this section and learn about evolving trends in the digitized face of the entertainment & media industry. 

  1. Video Streaming

We have seen a rapid rise in video streaming app development since the arrival of the global lockdown. Users access these apps to spend time relaxing inside their homes and viewing diverse video content of the highest quality. 

With the rising need to watch our favorite content anytime, anywhere, a massive increase in usage is seen in OTT apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. 

What’s more?

The craze for video streaming apps will never leave its spark and is projected to reach $115 by 2025. To become a player in this niche, you must grab your hands on cross-platform app development because the OTT platforms mentioned above are compatible with multiple devices. If you want to cover specific needs, you must adapt skills that can do the same for you. You can make the most in the video streaming industry with our advanced Android app development course. 

  1. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Do you know what conquers the light in the media and entertainment industry?

Yes, it’s augmented and virtual reality. 

The magnificence of these two technologies is never hidden from us. From blurring the borders between digital and physical realms to enhancing the realities, AR and VR bring us a world of Metaverse where artists and their fans can come together and enjoy a virtual concert. They can choose their avatars, enter the Metaverse, and add more to their joy. 

  1. AI

What AI can do is we all know with the arrival of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Indeed, ChatGPT has given a reason to every entrepreneur on their decisions to opt for its dynamic technology.

The tech can help organizations with a repository of unstructured user data. It brings a human-like dimension to mining and filling digital data. 

But that’s not the only capability of AI but many more, like understanding customer behavior and customizing recommendations. The entertainment & media industry uses this high-powered tech to provide their audience with the content they desire most. So, every chance that can reduce your user expansion gets minimized. All thanks to deriving technology like AI. Want to learn more about AI? Get an opportunity to learn with our advanced Android app development course

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  1. Banking on Personalized Content 

To hold subscribers, entertainment app development requires banking on personalized content. Also, Gen Z and Millenials prefer those streaming services that provide them with a subscription model where they can access customized content while making digital payments. 

With the use of Artificial intelligence and machine learning, you can provide your crowd with relevant content and witness your enhanced reach in the market. However, personalization must include specific scope, user experience, user interface, and proper assistance that can defeat the difficulties. 

Here are some examples that better let you understand this. Such as:  

  • Turning your freemium clients into paid media users. 
  • Retaining the subscriber base
  • Discovering the OTT content
  • High customer acquisition cost (CAC)
  • Encourage average client content utilization. 
  1. More Sports Streaming

Sports is in our hearts. We cannot live a day watching our favorite player playing soccer or football, no matter how busy we are with our work. However, it can leave some distress to us, and we will end up ruining our healthy bodies and minds. 

So, what’s the solution here?

Of course, it is sports streaming because we can watch any sport anytime, anywhere, without thinking about missing it at any chance. If we somehow miss the World Cup, the sports streaming app can let us watch it while relaxing on our couches or beds.  

Interesting, isn’t it?

Recently, various popular names in sports streaming services like FuboTV and ESPN+ have evolved. That means the craze for them is increasing, so isn’t it a good idea for you to develop an app in this category? 

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  1. Gaming Boost

Do you know about the latest digital media trend?

Yes, it is the Gaming Boost. 

Learning about this tech can open up multiple opportunities for you to grow as a developer who shapes the dreams of many into top-notch apps. The future will see a trajectory plan similar to other tech innovations. Also, we can see a significant change in the gaming industry due to the rapid adoption of technologies.

There can be more inside games in every industry vertical, leading growth for your career again and accelerating the business reach of your clients. If you want to build your future in the gaming business, ensure that you will make the most of this trend. Also, enroll yourself on our advance Android app development course to initiate a journey in the app development industry. 

  1. Music Streaming Services

Nothing can give tough competition like the Spotify app if it’s about music streaming services. It is used by millions of users worldwide. The app has provided a dynamic shift to the music industry with its incredible features and credibilities that make it unique and a giant figure, among others. 

Today, almost every user plugs in their earphones and plays their favorite songs from Spotify. Also, we can access different playlists and vibe with the music seamlessly. Apps like this over the web or mobile networks are building a trend. Not just for listeners, Spotify has a dynamic UI/UX for artists because they can seamlessly verify statistics on revenue, platforms, and records. Also, get a digitized space for your product with our advance Android app development course.

  1. Online Dating Services

Entertainment & media app development is not limited to all these but expanded to online dating services. But what is the role of online dating services in the entertainment industry?

Let’s find out!

Dating requires face-to-face interactions. However, with everything available on the app, it becomes essential to let the users join and talk to each other via cameras. As a leading mobile app development training institute in Johannesburg, we have expertise in building various dating applications. You can learn from our knowledge and experience and develop your first dating app with the experts of Bcoder. 

Jaw-dropping, isn’t it?

Instead of making it a sudden move, let’s start from the basics and help you develop the app for your first client, friends, and families. No matter at what stage you are, beginner or intermediate, Bcoder is always ready to help you out. 

  1. Mental Health Applications

Even mental health applications require media for the projection of videos in front of their users to let them know how meditation and mental health practices should be followed. 

To let users ease their anger, anxiety, depression, etc.; various solutions have been emerging, and we can see tremendous opportunities in this specific industry. Ensure that you have enrolled yourself in your classes and courses to learn how to develop a mental health application while keeping the needs of audiences in the entertainment & media industry at the forefront. 

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