This Privacy Policy was last modified on 6/2/2023. 

We are grateful that you have joined Bcoder. Bcoder (“we,” “us”) respects your privacy. We want you to be able to understand how we use, collect, and share Information about you. This Privacy Policy outlines our data collection practices and describes your rights concerning your data.

This Privacy Policy applies to our Bcoder websites and related services unless we link to another policy or state otherwise. It is also applicable to potential customers of our enterprise products and business.

Using our services, you agree to the terms and conditions of Bcoder. However, if you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, or any other agreement governing your use of the Services, you should not use them.

What do we do, and who are we?

This Privacy Notice describes how Bcoder collects, uses, and shares Information about your online interactions (e.g., websites and mobile apps) that are owned and controlled. To understand our practices fully, please read the Privacy Notice. If you do not understand any aspects of our Privacy Notice, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Bcoder, a corporation, has its principal office at 22 Karee St, Irene, Centurion, 0062, South Africa. Bcoder is the data controller for all Personal Data (as described below) collected via this Site and certain Personal Data from third parties as outlined in this Privacy Notice unless you are part of a degree or MasterTrack program or other circumstances, in which case Bcoder will be the data processor.

What we cover in this Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice describes the Information we collect about you from our Site. While some functionality on our Site can be used without disclosing Personal Data, others, such as features and Services related to Content Offerings, require Personal Data. In addition, you may be required to provide, or we may collect, “Personal Data” to gain access to certain features or benefits on our Site. This information can be used for identification purposes and may also be called “personally identifiable information” and “personal information.” Personal data can include your name, email address, IP address, and device identifiers. Bcoder will not be responsible for the accuracy of any Personal Data you provide. Inaccurate Information could affect your ability to use the Site, the Information you receive through the Site, or our ability to reach you. Your email address is one of the main ways we communicate with you.

Use Our Site: What you agree to

The following are our legal bases for processing your data.

Privacy Notice:

Our use of your data is necessary for us to fulfill our obligations under any contract we have with you (for instance, to comply with the Terms of Use, which you agree to by browsing our Site, and to comply with our contract to supply Services to you, your academic institutions, or any other organization that may be providing access to our Services to you); our personal data may be used to fulfill our legitimate interests or those of others that include the following:

  • Our business must be managed, grown, and developed.
  • Our Site is operated, and our Services are provided.
  • Select qualified and skilled suppliers.
  • Establish relationships with academic institutions and partners.
  • Perform statistical analysis and research.
  • Market and develop new business opportunities.
  • Internal auditing and administrative purposes.

Consent to receive certain communications, where you provide certain information, or where we are required by law to rely on your support. The legal basis for a particular activity will depend on what personal data is used and where it is used.

We will conduct a balance test to determine if we rely on another party’s legitimate interests in using your data.

Your personal data may be used for marketing purposes based on your consent. (You can withdraw your consent anytime, as explained below).

If you withdraw your consent to us using your data in a certain way and later change your mind, visit your profile page and click the box to unsubscribe. We will cease to process your request. You may lose the ability to receive some of our services if you withdraw your consent.

What Information do we collect?

We collect Information about your use of our Site when users visit it. This includes the pages visited, their order, when they were viewed, and what hyperlinks they clicked. Information from URLs that you link to our Site is also collected. This information could include logging each user’s IP address, operating system, browser software, and other details. An IP address may allow us to identify the Internet Service Provider of a user and their location. To improve your experience and reduce latency, we may use location data to route your traffic to the closest regional server. When you visit our Site, we may use web beacons and cookies. Please refer to the Cookies Policy for more Information about our use of web beacons and cookies.

You may provide us with personal data directly or through third parties. When you sign up for an account, change or update your information, buy products or services, take part in surveys, sign-up to email updates, participate on our public forums, send emails, or participate in content offerings or other Services, we collect Personal Data. The Personal Data you provide may be used to answer your questions, provide the Content Offering or Services you choose, send you information about our Offerings, or send you emails about site maintenance and updates.

Registering for an account on our Site may require you to give us certain Personal Data, such as your name or email address. In addition, we may request additional Personal Data from you.

  1. Bcoder may allow you to receive updates via email or posting to sections of the Site that are only available to registered users. You may need to give us Personal Data, such as your name or email address, to subscribe to these services.
  2. Bcoder might offer forums for public discussion (the “Forums”), where you can exchange ideas and comments. To participate in the Forums, you should register with us or provide us with Personal Data, such as your name and address. Remember that any information you make public in the Forums will be available to all. Forum posts should not contain personal Information or any other information of a sensitive or private nature that may relate to you or another person. For more information on how to use our forums, please refer to our Terms of Use and our code of conduct.

Participation in Content Offerings

Bcoder allows users to take part in Content Offerings through the Site. You will need to give us certain information to participate in a Content Offer. This information could include your name and email address.

Participation in a Content Offer may result in collecting user-generated content such as submitted assignments, peer-graded assignments, and peer-grading feedback. We may also collect course data such as answers to quizzes and exams. Personal Data and other sensitive information should not be included in assignments, exams, or surveys, regardless of whether it is related to you or another individual.

Verification of Identity

Bcoder may allow you to verify your identity for certain Services. For example, you may need to give us or our third-party identity verification vendor Personal Data, such as your name and address, date of birth, a headshot taken with a webcam, and identification documents. You may also be required to disclose Information about your income if you apply for financial assistance with these services.

Bcoder Communication

When you contact Bcoder by email or other means, we may receive Personal Data, and when you log in to third-party sites like Facebook. This could include text or photos of your Personal Data that is available on the third-party Site. When you respond to a survey a Content Provider, or we have conducted, we may receive Personal Data.

Sites that are partners

Bcoder users can use partner sites to access Content Offering-related tools or services. However, partner sites may not collect financial individual-level data about the user’s use of the partner site. Bcoder may have access to the data from partner sites to improve our Services and the services of the partner site. This includes Information about the time spent on the partner website and pages viewed.

Third-party payment processing

Bcoder allows you to pay for Content Offerings or other Services with a credit card or through other payment processing services. Our service provider collects and processes financial Information.


Bcoder uses Personal Information to fulfill the following purposes:

  • Operate and improve Bcoder Site — This includes creating and improving features that support Bcoder community members and enabling Bcoder site use at scale. Personalizing the Bcoder Site is another option. This allows you to tailor your learning experience to your needs and interests. This is to ensure that our learners have the best possible experience.

  • You can create, administrate, deliver, and teach courses. We use the information we collect to do this. Personalization of courses is a vital part of this process. This includes assessing your performance and awarding certificates. This ensures that we offer the best classes, in line with our legitimate business interests.

  • Offering and improving products and services — We use the Information we collect to enable you to navigate the Bcoder Site and enroll in and participate in courses or programs on the Bcoder Site. To learn effectively in such classes, programs, and courses, purchase or obtain products and services, such as Certificates, on the Bcoder Site and invite you to participate in market research. We must provide products and services to fulfill our contractual obligations under the Terms of Service. We also use the Information to improve our products and services to satisfy our legitimate interest in offering high-quality online programs and courses.

  • Maintain the security and performance of the Bcoder Site. This information is used to track Bcoder Site outages, create software solutions, detect violations of the Honor Code and Terms of Service, and monitor misuses and potential misuses. This is to comply with our legal obligations to protect Personal Information and to support our legitimate business interests in maintaining the Bcoder site available at all times.

  • Communicate with You — We use the Information we collect to answer your platform and course questions and notify you about Bcoder Site and course maintenance and updates. This is in the legitimate interest of keeping learners informed about our platform and answering learner questions.

  • Promoting courses and programs — We use the Information we collect as permitted by law. This includes developing and providing promotional and advertising materials that might be of value to you. You will receive marketing and advertising about course offerings, news, and other products and services from Bcoder affiliates, including 2U, and communications about selected business partners’ products and services that might interest you. We only send marketing to you if you ask for it or have your consent to receive it. We may also send marketing to our legitimate business interests to promote our business.

  • Support scientific research, such as in cognitive science and education. We use Information about you taking part in courses to collaborate with researchers and enable them to research how learners access and master course material. This will help us improve course outcomes. This is to support scientific and educational research.

  • Track Bcoder site usage against goals and mission — We use the Information we collect to perform analytics to evaluate access and performance in courses and course-related products and services. Also, aggregate usage information (not Personal Information) is reported to business partners and other audiences. This is done in the legitimate interest of completing and furthering the Bcoder Site’s goals and mission.

  • We use the information we collect to exercise, enforce and comply with our legal rights and obligations. In certain circumstances, this includes responding to court orders or subpoenas; investigating, preventing, or taking action regarding suspected fraud, security issues, or illegal activities; or protecting the rights, property, or safety of Bcoder, members, 2U, and others as required by law. This is done to comply with applicable laws (including those requiring us to keep Personal Information secure) and protect our rights and others.

Bcoder might also ask for your consent to further uses of Information, including Personal Information. In such cases, Personal Information will only be used for your requested purposes. Any use of Personal Information will be subject to the applicable laws.

Information Sharing

This section describes our sharing policies concerning the information we have collected. This Privacy Policy outlines how we share the information that we collect. These are the categories of entities we share information with:

  • We prioritize chat functionality, payment processing, data analytics, data analysis, marketing, advertising, and website hosting. We also provide technical support. We may have access to information that doesn’t identify you, including information that has been aggregated and de-identified. This is not permitted by law.

  • Vendors and other parties. Vendors and other parties may share your information for commercial and business purposes. This includes analytics and advertising technology companies. Vendors can act as our service providers, or, in certain circumstances, they may be able to decide how your data is processed. 

  • Affiliates. Information is shared with related entities, including parent companies for business. Information may also be shared with affiliates for commercial reasons.

  • Schools and corporate customers. To process information for them, we share information with corporate customers and schools who purchase our Service. Also, to help them place orders, manage and administer their online accounts, give feedback, and provide student performance data to instructors and account managers. They also respond to questions and comments, answer your questions, offer support, market to you, and comply with applicable laws.

  • Partners. Our partners include boot camps, interview prep agencies, and employment markets. We share information about offering co-branded services, selling our products, or participating in joint marketing activities.

  • Promotions. You agree to all the rules for the promotion and, except as prohibited by law, the sponsor and other entities may use your name, voice, or likeness in marketing materials and advertising.

  • Public Information. Information you make public through our Service is shared with us, including information in your profile and notification that you post to public boards or other sections. You are responsible for all information that you make public. Please be careful before you publish any information. You may not be allowed to delete or edit information once it has been posted. 

  • Merger and Acquisition. Information may be shared in connection with any merger, acquisition, sale, purchase, or combination of businesses of all or any portion of our assets, or transfer of any part or part of our business.

  • Security and forced disclosure. Information is shared to comply with the law or any other legal process. We also share information when required by lawful requests from public authorities. We protect our rights, property, and lives, as well as the security, safety, and health of the Service, its employees, and anyone else.

  • Facilitating requests. Information sharing is at your request.

  • Consent. We will share your information with your consent and notice to you. We may share information that doesn’t recognize you, including information that has been aggregated and de-identified, except where prohibited by law. If we share sensitive personal data about you with third parties, they will be contractually obliged to keep any further disclosures of such personal information.

  • Security. Based on the data type and sensitivity, we use appropriate security. However, there is always the risk of unauthorized access to any internet-enabled system. Therefore, you must protect your password and contact us for any suspicious activity. Bcoder has taken appropriate security precautions to prevent unauthorized access, alteration, or disclosure of personal data we store and collect. The type of data and the severity of the data will affect the security measures. We cannot guarantee that communication between Bcoder and you, the Services, or any information we have regarding the data we collect through them will be secure. Your password should never be shared with anyone. If you suspect your password or account is compromised, please immediately change it and contact our Support Team.

  • Your Rights. Specific rights apply to the use of your data. These include the right to decline promotional emails and cookies and certain third parties ability to collect your data. You can modify or terminate your account through our Services. If parents believe we have unintentionally collected personal information about their underage child, they should contact us to request deletion.

Your ways on use of your data

  • You can unsubscribe from receiving promotional communications by following the instructions in the transmission or changing your email preferences within your account. We will still send you essential information about the Services and transactional messages based on the relationship, regardless of your email preferences.
  • You can manage cookies and other local data storage depending on your browser. Also, you can control the collection and sharing of location or additional data by your wireless device.
  • Apple iOS, Android OS, and Microsoft Windows all have instructions for limiting in-app targeted advertising. You should also review the privacy settings for other platforms and devices.

If you have questions about how we use your data, or if you want to exercise your rights, please contact us.


Your Personal Information can be managed by submitting requests to the Bcoder learners support team. If your request is for information controlled by a Member of Bcoder, we will notify the relevant Member to respond to your request. Bcoder will support you to the extent required by law. If Bcoder cannot meet a request, we will inform you. Members are not obligated to fulfill requests beyond what is legally required. However, they may choose to follow other recommendations at their discretion.

You can exercise your rights to your Personal Information if you request information or enroll in programs or courses offered on third-party websites or by providers other than Members.

  • Access and rectify your personal information

Your Bcoder account contains a lot of your Personal Information. Except as noted below, you can edit your Bcoder account settings to change your name, email address, and other identifiable information. Your account dashboard displays all courses you have enrolled in and links to certificates you might have earned. Your Bcoder account allows you to download copies of any earned Certificates. For corrections or additions to your Personal Information, don’t hesitate to contact Bcoder Learner Support.

  • You cannot change usernames 

This restriction is enforced by Bcoder, which recommends carefully choosing your username, as usernames are used to identify you in courses and other areas of the Bcoder Site. To protect your identity, you should not use your real name and a name easily identifiable as your username. Bcoder cannot track and index all instances where a learner might volunteer Personal Information. Members are not able to assist you in this regard. Bcoder encourages discretion when submitting Personal Information to the Site.

  • You can restrict or object to the processing of your Personal Information

You can manage your emails and other communications from Bcoder by updating your preferences in your account dashboard. Opt out of promotional emails or other communications by Bcoder. You will still receive emails from other providers about which you have not exercised your right unless you unsubscribe from the provider directly. Follow the links at the bottom of email messages to unsubscribe from marketing communications you receive after asking for information about a course or program offered by a nonmember provider.

  • You can request that Bcoder or a Member stop using your Personal Information for other purposes. Contact the Bcoder learner assistance team. If you decide to limit Bcoder’s processing of Personal Information or a Member’s processing, and the processing is required to provide services or products on the Bcoder site, you might need help to create a Bcoder account or enroll for a course. Bcoder and a member may not be able to provide those services or products.

Click the “Delete my account” button in your Bcoder account settings to request the deletion of your account and Personal Information. This is a permanent action that cannot be reversed. Bcoder may ask you to complete an authentication process to confirm your authority in managing the Bcoder account.

Bcoder will permanently delete your account.

  • Deactivate your Bcoder Account.
  • Eliminate the active profile.
  • Retire your username
  • You can be removed from the Bcoder email list.

Bcoder will permanently delete your Personal Information concerning your Bcoder account profile from the Bcoder Site.

  • As mentioned above, Bcoder may associate the information it collects directly or indirectly with individuals (for example you). This association is based on Personal Information in your Bcoder profile. You can erase any Personal Information from your Bcoder profile, and all information regarding your activities on the Bcoder Site is deleted. These changes will be made to the data stores required for the Bcoder Site operation, including course administration by members. If you have enrolled in any course or program on the Bcoder Site will share with the Member(s), your request to delete those courses and programs.
  • Some data may be retained for an additional period in section VI.D. We do not use the index or track every instance of Personal Information that a learner might volunteer on the Bcoder site. Members and Bcoder will not be able to help you find or manage such cases. Bcoder encourages users to carefully consider what Personal Information they willingly share on the Bcoder Site.
  • Bcoder will keep your Personal Information as long as you have an active account. This includes any services you request, financial reporting, audit, compliance, or compliance with Bcoder legal obligations, resolution of disputes, enforcement of agreements, or as permitted by law. When you sign up for a Member’s course, you will be asked to retain your Personal Information. This is to provide you with the services you requested; keep a record of your transactions for financial reporting, audit, and compliance purposes; comply with its legal obligations; resolve any disputes; enforce its agreements and all other applicable laws. Bcoder will respond to your request to deactivate or delete your account. Within 30 days, Bcoder will follow the procedure described in section VI.C. This includes, but is not limited to, archiving your course information (in a way and to the extent allowed by applicable law) to fulfill its mission of enabling scientific research on cognitive science, education, and other related topics. These archives will be used for the production of encrypted research data packages. Members may also keep course data for scientific research.

Get in touch

You can contact us at:

22 Karee St, Irene, Centurion, 0062, South Africa

Additional Disclosures for Data Subjects In India

  1. Your data subject rights

You have the following rights if you’re located in India.

  • Right to access your data
  • Right to rectification without undue delay of personal data that is incorrect or incomplete

You can employ any of these rights by contacting us via the contact information in this Privacy Policy. Within 30 days, we will respond to you. We may ask for specific information to verify your identity and process the request. Your request may be denied or required by law. We will inform you if we decline your request. However, there may be legal restrictions.

We retain the information necessary to fulfill the purposes for which they were collected. Additionally, we may include and use the information for legitimate purposes even after a request from a data subject for our legitimate interest, such as to comply with legal obligations, resolve disputes, prevent fraud, and enforce our agreements.

Please contact our customer if we have processed your data on behalf of a customer and you want to exercise any rights associated with such data. To make your request directly, please give the name of the customer for whom we have processed your data. We will forward your request to this customer and support them in any way required by law.

2. Complaints

You can raise a complaint about our handling of your personal data. We would be happy to discuss your concerns with you before you contact a data protection regulator.

We welcome inquiries to our Help Center. Please contact our Help Centre in addition to the above contact information.

3. Grievances

If you have grievances regarding the Privacy Policy, please notify the Company within 24 hours of the incident. You can send an email to Customer Support Team.