iOS App Development Course

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Course Description

So, are you here to learn iOS app development course at a basic level?

If yes, a warm welcome to Bcoder.

This course consists of iOS one-on-one training that will take you from a complete beginner to a proud practitioner. Of course, challenges are there, but not as huge as your will and determination to learn this iOS app development course.

When you complete this iOS training course, you will be at ease while writing codes for your iOS app. You will find everything from scratch, so any prior experience in a programming language is not required.

Bcoder has such iOS trainers that hold the expertise and extensive experience building apps for all domains.

So, what’s the point of delay?

Learn from our iOS instructors and lectures to develop your own iOS app.

Who can enroll for this course:

  • All who want to learn about iOS development. 
  • Anyone who is tech-savvy. 
  • Or the ones who wish to develop their own app at our iOS boot camp. 

Take this iOS app development course and expand your existing skillsets.

What you’ll learn?

 Introduction to iOS Development

  • Introduction to XCODE and its features
  • COCOA touch framework
  • Project Structure
  • iOS application architecture.

Introduction to view controllers and Views

  • View Controllers, view, view lifecycle
  • Basic Controls – Label, Buttons, Text field, image View
  • Table view with default cells and customized cells
  • Collection view with default cells and customized cells
  • Picker view, Date picker, scroll view, navigation, and Tab bar controller
  • Understanding Interface builder, XIB files
  • Creating outlets and Actions
  • Handling touch and gesture events
  • Segment and Page control, switch view, UIAlertView


  • Introduction to Auto-layout
  • Working with constraints
  • Using constraints to change view sizes
  • Programmatically control the views

Introduction to SWIFT Language

  • Variables & Constants
  • Introduction to functions (methods)
  • Arrays, Dictionaries, Data, Date, and other basic data types
  • Enums, structures, closures
  • For, If, switch statements
  • Object-oriented concepts with SWIFT
  • Type check, AnyObject, Any
  • Protocols, Extensions, Error handling
  • Working with classes

Communicating with other view Controllers

  • Using a storyboard to design the app
  • Introduction to methods used for passing data from one to another view


  • Playing Audio and Video
  • Capturing images using the camera
  • Getting images from the gallery
  • Sending mail and SMS from the app

Debugging Your Software

  • General Tips for Identifying Common Errors
  • Debugging


  • Normal Permissions
  • Dangerous Permission (asking on runtime)

Architecture Patterns : Model View View Model(MVVM)

  • Getting started with MVVM
  • Understanding project structure
  • Defining data package for MVVM
  • MVVM : Creating User Interface
  • MVVM : Implementing ViewModel
  • MVVM : Using live data with ViewModel
  • MVVM : Displaying the list of Users
  • MVVM : Implementing search for users

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