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Get the basics of Android app development and build your first app today.



You are going to create your own Android app without having to read books 
and articles.
With the robust code, you will have a robust app. 

So, are you excited to learn more about this Android app development course?

If yes, buckle up your seat as something exciting is coming.

In this online Android app development course, our experts will explain Android app development from scratch. It will surely add absolute value to your career prospects.
What’s more?
Android has a user base of around 2.5 billion people, making it the most dynamic OS in the world.
Does it mean that creating an app with our Android app development course will bring more future growth?
You can earn, refine real-world experiences, and turn innovative ideas into reality with our Android boot camp on Android app development.
We will learn the basics because it should be strong to lead you ahead to develop android apps like Google News, Pinterest, and others.

So enroll for this Android one-on-one training and get ready to create an android app while following modernization strategies. 

Who is this course for?

Anyone who holds an interest in learning code and wants to be a top-notch android developer to make the most of digital space can go for our Android classes. Even you don’t require any prior experience in app development.
Want to create a next-gen project?
Enroll Today to get started!

What you’ll learn?

Introduction to Android Development

  • Setup and Run First App on Android Studio
  • Android Project Structure
  • Project Structure
  • Android Components – Activities, Services, Receivers, Providers
  • Activity Lifecycle and Debugging
  • Introduction to Android Development

Layouts and Views

  • Intro to Views and Layouts
  • Exploring layout editor for UI
  • Using textview to display text
  • Difference b|w dp and sp
  • Using linear layout with weights
  • Using margin and padding
  • Using imageview to display images
  • Using framelayout for overlapping view
  • Using relative layout to align views relative to each other
  • Constraint layout along with some more layouts
  • Clicking on a button

Kotlin Fundamentals

  • Hello World Program
  • Declaring Variable In Kotlin
  • Difference Between Val & Var
  • Using Lateinit For Initialization
  • Understanding Null Safety In Kotlin
  • String Concatenation Using ‘$’ Sign
  • Basic Syntax Of Kotlin

Collections,Loops and Conditionals

  • Using Arrays In Kotlin
  • Working with Collections of Items
  • For-Each Loop In Kotlin
  • Working with Loops
  • Using When As Replacement of Switch

Functions in Kotlin

  • Functions in Kotlin
  • Function argument & return type
  • Types of Arguments in Function
  • Vararg as a function argument


  • Switching Activities using Intents
  • Send Data to Activities Using Extras
  • Understanding Implicit Intent
  • Capturing Urls using Intent Filters
  • Whatsapp Opener using Intent Filters


  • Introduction to Fragments
  • Adding static fragments in your app
  • Adding Dynamic Fragments Using FragmentManager
  • Sending data to fragment using Bundles
  • Sliding between fragments using ViewPager

Debugging Your Software

  • General Tips for Identifying Common Errors
  • Debugging


  • Normal Permissions
  • Dangerous Permission (asking on runtime)

Dynamic User Interface with Lists

  • RecyclerView
  • RecyclerView – An Introduction to RecyclerViews
  • RecyclerView – Creating a list of random fruit objects
  • RecyclerView [ BONUS ] Understanding JvmStatic in Kotlin
  • RecyclerView – Creating our own adapter

Architecture Patterns : Model View View Model(MVVM)

  • Getting started with MVVM
  • Understanding project structure
  • Defining data package for MVVM
  • MVVM : Creating User Interface
  • MVVM : Implementing ViewModel
  • MVVM : Using livedata with viewmodel
  • MVVM : Displaying list of Users
  • MVVM : Implementing search for users

Deeper dive into views, themes, etc

  • Basic properties of different views
  • Understanding themes in android
  • Using a checkbox with listener
  • Using radio buttons inside a radio group

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