Advanced iOS App Development Course

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Course Description

Welcome to our advanced iOS app development course. It’s way more interesting than you ever thought. We will have some exciting lessons on iOS app development that can make you the developer of 15-20 iOS apps that you can use to stand out your resume from others. 

Are you feeling thrilled?

Our motive is to deliver exciting advanced iOS app development course and enable you to craft your own app today. That is what makes us a perfect iOS trainers platform. Even if you are unfamiliar with the programming language, we will expand your knowledge and turn you into a high-graded iOS developer.  

So, what keeps you waiting to enroll for our iOS coaching?

Buy this online iOS course, and meet several growth opportunities.  

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Who can take this course:

  • If you want to start coding with a high-graded iOS instructor.
  • If you are planning to switch your work profile to iOS development. 
  • You can start with our iOS boot camp to launch your app on App Store.
  • If you want to integrate technologies into your digital solution.

Now that you have a picture of everything, click the “buy now” button and enjoy coding with our advanced iOS app development course.

What you’ll learn:

Quick go through of basic concepts of iOS & Swift (1-2 weeks)

Push Notifications

  • Create a simple Notification
  • Clickable Notifications

Introduction to Github

  • Introduction to Git and Github
  • Making a Repository on Github
  • Cloning a Repository from Github

Web Services

  • What are web services
  • Why do we use web-services
  • How apps function with the help of web-services
  • Introduction to different web services
  • JSON parsing
  • Get and POST methods

Integrating with Database

  • Introduction to data storage methods in iOS
  • Using Core Data, SQLite database, User Defaults, Property Lists

Maps and Locations

  • Getting Started With Google Maps & Location
  • Exploring Google Maps API
  • Adding Markers, Polylines, and Customizing Maps
  • Adding Permissions for Location
  • Getting the last location using LocationManager
  • Current location using LocationManager


  • Firebase Introduction
  • Add firebase to your app
  • Push Notifications using Firebase
  • Firebase Authentication
  • Firebase Crash Reporting


  • Introduction to Multithreading
  • Multithreading in iOS app, using NSThread, NSOperation and NSOperation Queue, GCD

Common 3rd Party Libraries

  • SDWebImage (Image Library)
  • Alamofire (API Library)

Launching application on App Store and its Understanding

  • Introduction to BundleID, AppID, certificates
  • What is Build? How to make the build and send the build to testing
  • What is App Store? What is iTunes, Posting app to App Store
  • Understanding types of Certificates, Creating Certificates, and Provisioning Profile
  • Using TestFlight 

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