There are many reasons to master app development. You may want to learn how to make apps if you have an idea but don’t know how to build it. As a career change, you might also be interested in learning app development from the best training institutes in Johannesburg. Tech can offer many benefits. No matter your motivation, there are many ways to learn app development and improve your developer skills.

Bcoder, one of the best training institutes in Johannesburg, can help you learn app development in just 13 weeks. You can complete an education in iOS App Development within a few months with our full-time, accelerated boot camp program.

App development is a great way to get a job in the future and open up more opportunities in tech.

So, are you excited to learn app development with the best training institutes in Johannesburg? If yes, enroll now or read further about this course. 

What is App Development?

App development refers to the whole process of creating software from scratch. An App developer is a software developer involved with designing, developing, and conceptualizing software for smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets.

You will often work alongside teams of data engineers or graphic designers to develop these apps as an App Developer.

Why is App Development Important?

App development is essential in today’s world. People use mobile apps to do their daily work and personal tasks. This means that developers must be able to create the applications and maintain existing user bases.

Companies and individuals wouldn’t be able to succeed without app developers. Apps are a great way to connect with customers and businesses. Anyone who uses Apple products such as iPhones or iMacs should consider developing iOS apps by enrolling themselves in the best training institutes in Johannesburg.  

Types of App Developers

Before starting as an app developer, you must decide what type of development or certification training you are interested in, such as back-end development, android application development, and iOS development. 

Desktop apps: These apps can be run on a laptop or a stand-alone computer. Many of these apps are custom-made to meet the specific needs of organizations. These applications are easy to use, secure, and highly efficient. These applications run offline and are ideal for offices.

Desktop apps are preferred by most firms for their faster operation, better performance, data access, and synchronization, as well as to make it easier for employees to do their jobs. Companies prefer desktop apps because they provide data security against unauthorized access, which can be a problem with online apps.

Desktop apps have some limitations. They must be downloaded and installed on each computer before they can be used. It is also necessary to update this software periodically on every device where it is installed. This can be pretty strenuous.

Web apps: Web applications are more accessible than desktop apps. They are easy to install on any computer, so users don’t have to download them. You can easily upgrade your app by simply updating the server.

Mobile apps: When we think of applications, we often consider mobile apps such as Pinterest, Uber, and Google Maps. Mobile apps are easy to install and download. We all rely on the power of small icons on our phones to help us get through our day.

It’s challenging to create a fast and efficient solution for everyone. App developers are often paid high salaries and receive great benefits.

The Key Technical Skills A Mobile App Developer Must Have

To be a successful mobile app developer, you must have these job-ready skills:

  • Strong coding skills and developing skills in various programming languages, such as Objective C, Swift, or Java.
  • Developers of mobile apps must be able to create code that is simple to understand and use. They also need to design the interface in a user-friendly way.
  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are graphic design software that should be used.
  • Ability to manage deadlines and work simultaneously on multiple projects
  • An excellent Mobile App Developer must be able to work independently and in a group.

What is it like to be a mobile app developer?

App development career paths can bring in between $89,000 to $125,000 annually if you have the right qualifications and learning experience. Of course, this will vary depending on your employer, the programs you use to create your mobile apps, and how much experience you have.

Your responsibilities, just like your salary, will depend on your employer’s experience in app development, technical evaluation, and the OS platform you are developing apps for.

What you’ll do

  • Mobile apps must be developed, tested, and improved by you.
  • You must ensure that the functionality and quality of your apps meet client requirements.
  • Create code for apps that are specific to particular operating systems.
  • Develop the interface for the app.
  • Share your ideas with the team.
  • Support your app so that you can resolve any issues immediately
  • Find solutions and workarounds to any problems that may arise.

Who are you going to work with?

  • Analysts
  • Managers of projects
  • Software engineers
  • Other app developers

The Top 6 Benefits of Learning Web and Mobile Application Development

Here are some benefits of learning web and mobile app development from Bcoder, the best training institute in Johannesburg. 

The demand for skilled web and mobile application professionals has increased with the increasing number of internet users in India and abroad.

  1. Different Profiles

Here are some profiles that you can apply for a job after you have completed the course.

  • Front End Developers
  • Back-end developers
  • Web Application developers.
  • Mobile App Developers
  • Analyst Web
  • UI Designer

All people involved in developing a mobile app or web application are covered above. An entry-level developer can be you as a member of a team. Depending on your experience and work history, you can also be the project manager or team leader.

  1. Become an Entrepreneur

What about becoming an entrepreneur with your original idea?

You could be a co-founder if you can execute any vision using your development skills. You might find someone with the right idea but cannot afford professional developers. In this case, you can partner up with that person. You can decide to partner if it will work. Although you might not see great returns at first, or even nothing, you could still make a lot of money if your idea is implemented correctly. This will require patience. Instead of searching for work or being in an unfavorable work environment, you can make your own.

  1. Game developer

Game developers or programmers create art and write the source code for games that can be played on smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles. They are responsible for developing the entire package. The game market is multiplying due to the explosion in smartphone users and the smartphone market. You can have a little experience, but you need to have an engaging product. Gaming companies can offer a great job with a high salary. Many companies share their profits with employees. It is possible to design your own game and then sell it on the App Stores. Your number of advertisements and downloads will determine your income.

Many games, such as Dr. Driving, Candy crush, and subway surfer, have been downloaded more than 500 million times.

  1. Higher ROI

After selling Summly to Yahoo, Nick D. Aloisio, a south London schoolboy, has become one the world’s youngest tech millionaires. According to news reports, Nick received nearly $30 million from Yahoo. The app summarizes news stories. Nick will join Yahoo’s London offices and two Summly employees in San Francisco.

This is a remarkable achievement for 16-year-olds! This is the power and potential of mobile applications in the internet age. The app can be developed according to the solution you find. You might be the next Nick.

To maximize market penetration and return on investment, businesses often develop mobile apps for multiple platforms. Johannesburg’s growing smartphone market offers many career opportunities for app developers. If you have the skills to develop apps, it is possible to get a job in this field.

  1. Freelancing

Freelancing allows for a lot more flexibility than regular office work.

The internet gives us the freedom to work wherever we are. It just required a computer and an internet connection. You don’t need to be present at work, as you can also access it online. Flexibility has many benefits. You can manage your workload and are less likely to become sick. You can take as many breaks as possible and get as much sleep as possible. Freelancing allows you to stay at home with your family. Many companies work with remote developers. There are many opportunities to freelance if you look on the internet. You can either take on a complete project or work remotely as a consultant for the company. You can choose from fixed-price projects or hourly projects. Hourly projects cost between $10 and $50 per hour. Fixed-price projects are more expensive because the nature and complexity of the project will affect the pricing.

  1. Large Community

Being part of a developer community can help you to make good connections. These connections are vital to your professional career. Anyone can reach you anywhere in the world. The internet is the only medium that can connect you with anyone. You can get a job recommendation from them if you want to move abroad.

Five Tips to Become an App Developer

Here are several tips you should consider to become an app developer.

  1. Start with coding tutorials to find out if web development is for you.
  2. Keep up to date with industry blogs to learn about how developers are improving their skills and solving complex coding problems.
  3. Do your research. Learn about how coders create solutions for mobile devices and keep up to date with new software and operating system developments.
  4. Check out these popular software engineering tools. Even if your schedule isn’t available for a full-time job, you can still gain valuable experience and feel that sense of fulfillment when you create something from scratch.
  5. A Software Engineering Bootcamp is designed to help you get hired quickly if you are motivated to enter the industry and have hands-on experience.

Enroll today for this course if you are ready to take the next step.


  1. Can I learn Mobile App Development by myself?

Bcoder, the best training institutes in Johannesburg, lets you learn concepts independently. Our experts offer Mobile App Development courses that allow learners to learn seamlessly.

  1. Do these Mobile App Development courses come with certificates?

Yes, we at Bcoder, the best training institute in Johannesburg, provides certifications when you complete our Mobile App Development courses. 

  1. What is the value of learning Mobile App Development?

This highly lucrative career option can help you create apps that generate revenue and are in high demand. This can be a great way to express your creativity and create something millions can use.

  1. What makes mobile app development so popular?

Mobile app development has grown in popularity over the past few years because of the widespread use of mobile devices and the demand for personalized experiences while on the move. As a result, apps are more efficient, accessible, and easy to use than ever.

Apps offer a better user experience, are customized to a specific audience, and allow businesses to reach their customers effectively. Apps can also be used to deliver content and make purchases. They also serve as a platform that allows for different advertising and marketing campaigns.

  1. What skills and knowledge will I acquire by completing these mobile app development courses?

These Mobile App Development courses will teach you how to use android studio and other Android app tools and techniques. You will learn to create Android apps with Python. Also, you will get a good understanding of the coding environment and front-end development. These courses in Mobile App Development are accessible and address the current skills in demand.

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